Tomorrow my Quest begins

Tomorrow afternoon, I’ll be leaving the cottage – my refuge and sanctuary for the past 6 weeks – to return to the city and my personal Quest.  By Quest, I mean my search for my next career opportunity.

When I started this blog, my intention was to focus on grand, mythical themes.  The reality of my next few days is that they will be anything but grand or mythical.  They’ll actually be pretty tactical and perhaps even a bit bland.

I’ll be updating my LinkedIn profile, and other social media sites.  I’ll search for opportunities via LinkedIn, as well.  Pretty mundane stuff, but important and necessary.

I think the lesson here, for me anyway is that a large, grand, mythical life sometimes looks pretty basic and mundane.  But, the magic is in making the most of these simple moments – be present, give my best and do each task with expectation and gratitude.  I often have to remember to remember to do that – let’s see how it goes.

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