My past points of failure: insight

Writing this daily blog has provided me with insights – some big, some small – some important, some not so much.

It has also forced me to be accountable to the truth of my life: good and bad.

Today, while driving in the car, I was shown, if you will, my past points of failure – two of which I’m not proud – and that I seek to improve on each day.

First, I realized that I have too often sought out shortcuts rather than settling in to do the hard work that excellence demands.

Second, I’ve often lacked hope at a soul level – the hope that comes when we feel that we’re good enough, and do deserve the best.

These two qualities, I now realize, have created much struggle and strife in my life. And, they have to go.

My commitment to you, and myself is that I’ll strive to realize when they appear, and then make the appropriate change.

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