At the Apple store on iPhone 5S day

Today, I acted as chauffeur for a couple who wanted to get the first iPhone 5S at the Apple store.

We arrived at 7 am and found about 150 people in line outside Sherway mall, in Toronto.


I know this blog is about personal myths, but it is also about the power of myth – in our lives, in our past, our future. So, why not also about the myth of a brand? Let’s have a little fun …

Full disclosure: I own an iPhone 5.

Love them, or not, one cannot deny that Apple has created a myth around their brand – based on great design, packaging, the user experience, etc.

That myth is so strong within their tribe, that they will camp out for the newest Apple phone – overnight, if need be.

Commercialism aside, isn’t it cool that this myth has such strong pull with these folks?

How would our lives change, if we could find such a powerful myth for our own lives?

It would pull us along our path – and into an awesome quest!

I’m just sayin’ …

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