Today I was someone else’s Hero

The more I learn about life and myself through this process, the more I realize that small moments in time are the stuff of life.  Yes, big events and changes are, too.  But, most lives, I think, are made of small moments and they are what add meaning to our lives.

Today was a case in point.  I was my wife’s Hero today, and it was for a small job that I completed around the house.  I fixed up our back deck.  It has been in need of repair for a while, but this weekend I completed the job – 100% from start to finish.

It truly was not a grand adventure, nor was it a life-changing task.  But, I’ve been thanked numerous times for doing this job and finishing it, too.  I did the job in service to my wife, and that’s heroic, too.

Small moments are the stuff of life.  Now, where’s that job list?

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