We have to know when to say “No”

I had my business meeting today, and it was a fruitful meeting. I learned about the opportunity from someone who’s got feet on the street.

The opportunity is a very good one. There’s no doubt about it. However, the role would require me to be someone I’m not. And, I question whether I’d really enjoy the work day in, and day out.

So, I’m at a bit of a crossroads, once again. Am I strong enough to follow my intuition, and trust that by saying “No” to this opportunity, that’ll I’ll be able to say “Yes” to one that will follow?

In the past, the answer would probably have been that I took the opportunity because it was there. I don’t feel comfortable making those decisions any longer.

But, there’s the fear that something else will not come along, too.

When I go to my still, quiet place inside, my sense is that I should walk away. Leave it for someone who’s better suited to the role.

OK, done. I’m saying “No”, and with gratitude for the chance to evaluate this opportunity.

And, the Quest continues.

1 thought on “We have to know when to say “No”

  1. be brave, follow your gut and know it takes both courage and a leap of faith to trust what you know to be true… there WILL be another opportunity and it will be just right for you.

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