A different Quest today

I spent the day on another Quest today. This quest was in keeping with my day yesterday: a break from my search for a great opportunity. A lot of time and energy has been put into this quest, and to be honest, it was good to extend the break from it!

We did a one-day cottage close today. It encompassed a mad dash by car and boat, then many tasks to close the cottage and boathouse. It was a bit wild, as I spent a good part of the day outdoors.

We had growing winds, lots of rain and cool temperatures in a pretty isolated place, the eastern shore of Georgian Bay.

In a way, I felt like I was in a medieval myth – battling the elements and working against time. We had to finish before darkness set in, as we had a 30-minute boat ride in rough water.

It was a more primitive version of quest than I’ve been on in a while. And, due to the elements, it was also pretty raw. When we finally finished the day, we were cold, wet and tired. And, happy that we’d accomplished our goal, and shut down the cottage.

A take-away for me today was the satisfaction that comes from being able to start and finish this quest in one day. My main Quest is so big, and so important, and so long that progress is steady, but slow.

Today was about getting things done and crossing them off the list. That felt great!

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