It’s time for a change

It’s time for a healthy change for this blog on Myth, Life and Hope.  I’ve been writing – daily – for about 3 months.  And, I think my posts are getting stale and repetitive.  That was never my intention.

Originally, I started out with the idea that if I was going to blog, I was going to do that daily.  And, except for missing one day, I’ve done that.  And, I’m proud of that, too.

However, I’m finding it difficult to write interesting and relevant posts on this daily schedule.  So, I’d like to try an experiment for the next month, or two.

I’m going to write a single post each week.  I’d like to see what giving myself enough time to develop ideas can bring to this process.  Writing is new for me, and as I’ve said previously, I’m still finding my voice.

Hopefully, what I find will be more interesting, and worthy of your time to read.  Please provide any feedback or guidance, as I know many of you are tenured bloggers, and I’m keen to learn from the best.

What did I learn today?

Don’t be afraid to change direction when we find that where we’re going does not serve us, while on a Quest.

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