Small things … large indicators

Today, I worked on a wooden window at the cottage which needed repair.  One of the jobs to repair this window was to build a new lower sill for the window.  It involved cutting, sanding and planing a piece of pine so that it would fit perfectly.

I was in flow when I was making the sill – I lost track of time, and was totally focused on the task of working that piece of wood.  Nothing else mattered to me, as I was lost in the task.  It felt wonderful.

So, how to I take that feeling of creation, of using my ingenuity and parlay it into my next career move?  My goal, I think, is to weave all these flow moments into a grand, new opportunity to serve, to add value – and enjoy every wonderful moment.

I want to have more of that feeling in my day-to-day life – in the flow and loving it!

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