A personal myth – coming home

I had a friend over for dinner this evening, and we reminisced for a time about past travels. He talked a bit about his travels to Europe, and I about a couple trips to York, England.

I told him that whenever I returned to York, it was like coming home for me. I was born in Canada to parents from Belgium & the Netherlands, so it was not a connection to England through DNA.

It was a connection at a soul level. I’ve always had an attachment to Arthurian legend, and I think it extends from that linkage.

I felt at peace walking around York, and grounded, too.

Anyway, our conversation got me to thinking about what my personal myth could look like. I’m keen to pursue some ideas about that, and I’ll start to look at it from a macro level tomorrow: my cosmos.

You can’t let the darkness win

Today, as I worked on sizing up an opportunity, I felt the darkness take hold.

It was the little voice telling me I’m not good enough, not young enough, and not ready.

The interesting thing was that I had an awareness that none of it was true. I’m everything I need to be right now, and I was able to discern that – there was the slight pause or gap which allowed me to insert a more useful message.

That pause has taken years to develop, and I’m grateful that I was able to call on it today.

Tomorrow is a new day. Onward …

On the journey home

I’m writing this post by the side of the road, as I make my way home. I’m surrounded by this beautiful vista, and listening to Anathema playing “Internal Landscapes”.

I’m struck by the magnificence of life – sights, sounds and wonder – as I make my mini-pilgrimage home. All of the elements I mentioned above have combined to give me peace and a sense of comfort that it’ll all turn out right – I’ll find the perfect opportunity, and I’ll know it when I see it.

And the universe delivered, once again

Today, late in the afternoon, we were sitting on our back dock when we heard the beautiful and haunting sounds of our neighbour playing his bagpipes.

This chap comes up once every year or so, and when he does, we are given the gift of his free concert.  We cannot see him behind the trees on his land, but the sound wafts across the water to our place a short distance away.

If I’ve learned anything about life – and I know there’s much to learn – it’s that the universe is constantly giving us moments of joy, beauty and wonder.  Tonight’s concert was no exception.

The trick is to know it when it comes, to give thanks, and be grateful for the perfection of the moment.  Thank you.

And, chaos reigned, and it was good

I’m sitting in the family cottage – 9:30 pm on a Sunday night.  My dad, sister and brother and their families have come up for a visit.  As I write this, I’m surrounded by the sounds of the kids playing a wild, crazy and loud game of Monopoly.  The two dogs are moving around the cottage, and a storm is raging outside.

One could easily perceive this as an enormous distraction from the very serious task of writing about life, hope and abundance.  And, as you’ve no doubt guessed, it is actually all of those things – it is joy, it is life and it is perfect.

Another example of the wonder of children being crazy, being wild and being alive.  Nothing more to say …

The importance of being present

Today, while working outside with my dog, Scout, I noticed how she was able to appreciate the peace and quiet of the back harbour.  The two of us have spent the better part of 2 months up north working on the cottage, allowing me to ponder my next career move.

I saw her staring out at the beautiful view, in a peaceful moment, and realized that I had missed doing that most of the summer.  I was so busy “doing” that I forgot to “be” present, slow down, and take in the wonder of the world around me.  Scout had figured it all out, and she was doing it each and every day.

My learning and intention from all of this is to spend a little time each day enjoying the moment, being present, and taking whatever insights I might gain from the experience.

A stunning view of Georgian Bay from the cottage.

A beautiful view of Georgian Bay from the cottage.

Small things … large indicators

Today, I worked on a wooden window at the cottage which needed repair.  One of the jobs to repair this window was to build a new lower sill for the window.  It involved cutting, sanding and planing a piece of pine so that it would fit perfectly.

I was in flow when I was making the sill – I lost track of time, and was totally focused on the task of working that piece of wood.  Nothing else mattered to me, as I was lost in the task.  It felt wonderful.

So, how to I take that feeling of creation, of using my ingenuity and parlay it into my next career move?  My goal, I think, is to weave all these flow moments into a grand, new opportunity to serve, to add value – and enjoy every wonderful moment.

I want to have more of that feeling in my day-to-day life – in the flow and loving it!

And, so it begins …

What if we could apply myth to our lives?  What if we could find meaning and hope through those myths for our lives – for us?

I’ve always been a bit envious of those who lived in the medieval world – when magic and myth was part of the fabric of one’s life.  (I realize it was not Avalon – life was tough and short.)  Those myths became – I would imagine – anchors that helped those living in that time to place themselves in the world.

I know that I don’t always feel my place in the world – or how I should fit into it.  Those same anchors don’t exist for me – never have.  But, I think they’re important.  And, I think that the lack of them in my life has left me somewhat adrift.

I must admit that during those times, all I had to move me forward was hope that there was more to me than I was showing the world.  Hope that I could anchor myself to something important and special for me.

I have a sense that I can find that anchor via myth.  Perhaps a myth of my own creation – just for me.

That’s what this blog is about, and that’s what I want to pursue.  Let’s see where this goes …