It’s time for a change

It’s time for a healthy change for this blog on Myth, Life and Hope.  I’ve been writing – daily – for about 3 months.  And, I think my posts are getting stale and repetitive.  That was never my intention.

Originally, I started out with the idea that if I was going to blog, I was going to do that daily.  And, except for missing one day, I’ve done that.  And, I’m proud of that, too.

However, I’m finding it difficult to write interesting and relevant posts on this daily schedule.  So, I’d like to try an experiment for the next month, or two.

I’m going to write a single post each week.  I’d like to see what giving myself enough time to develop ideas can bring to this process.  Writing is new for me, and as I’ve said previously, I’m still finding my voice.

Hopefully, what I find will be more interesting, and worthy of your time to read.  Please provide any feedback or guidance, as I know many of you are tenured bloggers, and I’m keen to learn from the best.

What did I learn today?

Don’t be afraid to change direction when we find that where we’re going does not serve us, while on a Quest.

A calm, peaceful day

Today, I found myself in a very calm and peaceful mental space.  I’m not even sure why, but that’s the state in which I found myself, and it was good.

I wish I could package up the conditions that allowed me to feel this way; I’m just not sure how I got here.  Well, maybe I do have a clue.

Today, this Hero operated in a detached manner all day.  Nothing really got on top of me.  I stayed present, and did my best to enjoy each moment, regardless of the task, or situation.  I was in a pretty non-judgemental state today.  That, I think, was the key.

So, my task for tomorrow is to stay in this place, and perhaps observe myself in this mindset.  If I can continue to act as an observer, then my awareness of this state will provide clues – clues which will hopefully allow me to “be” here even more.

I think I’ve mentioned before that one positive impact of this blogging process is that I’m noticing more and more the pause between having a thought – positive or negative – and being able to decide if I want it to continue – the effect.  That slight pause before the effect of my thoughts takes over has been invaluable to me these past months.  I’ve been able to stop negative thoughts early, in order to keep them from taking over, and anchoring themselves in my mind.

Detachment was today’s valuable lesson.  A good one, too.

Reading (and writing) as a Mythic tool

I sometimes have trouble either getting to sleep, or staying asleep in the wee hours of the night.  And, I find this issue is more prominent when I’m dealing with a stressful time in my life.  One mythic tool I’ve found to help me is reading.  Another is writing.

I’ll read just about anything when in this state, and invariably sleep comes to me.  Sometimes I’ll read for a few minutes and at others it’ll take an hour or more.

I tend to find myself in this sleepless state when I let anxiety rule my thoughts – and dreams – awake or unconscious.  Reading serves to force my mind into other places while I’m engrossed in the book of choice.  The more inspiring the story the better.  Writing this blog also helps, as it forces me to focus on positive, affirming thoughts.

When I get lost in these activities the rest of the world, my troubles, my life tends to fall away, if even for a short time.  What’s left is the best of me, and from there I can build a new narrative.

Changing one’s focus, and story, can put us into a more positive place from which our Quest can continue, once again.  Small steps, but steps none the less.

Commentary on “What I learned today …”

I know that I often start these posts by saying “Today I learned ….” or some such thing. I’d like to comment on this, as it may seem a bit arrogant to learn so much, in such a short time blogging – 3 months. There’s no arrogance in the statement.

What I’ve learned about “what I’ve learned” came to me today.

As a result of taking this journey in which I write about how myth impacts my life, I’ve opened a door, a connection to ideas or energy or something out there. Psychologists may refer to it as the collective unconscious, and I think that’s probably correct.

It’s in keeping with the saying: “When the student is ready, the master appears.” As a result of this writing exercise, and the thoughts and energy I put into this process, I’ve opened myself up to the ultimate master – this collective unconscious – the universe and all of its’ wonder.

Ideas seem to jump into my head. I almost never approach my daily blog with a topic or idea in hand. Usually, I turn on the laptop, start a new blog editing session, and then wait to see what appears. And, invariably, an idea almost always pops into my head. That’s what I write about on that day, as I’m doing for you (and me) now.

Look, I know I’m still finding my voice, my cadence and the right content about myth and life for this blog. My intention to start writing was just that:  To start writing, and to commit to it each and every day. I’ve done that for over 80 days now, and I’m proud of that accomplishment.

As I continue to write, I know I’ll get better at it, and provide more useful info for my life, but hopefully, for yours, too. I’m a “mission, vision, big picture, wanna help you” kind of person. If this blog becomes that over time, I’ll be very pleased and blessed!

So, today’s insight: It’s better to just start what you want to do, even if, especially if, you don’t know the way. It worked for me, and I’m sure it will for you, too.


Take the first step.

Ship” as Seth Godin says.

Do anything!

Then, … do it again!

On new ground

I’m in a new place right now. Not physically, but emotionally and spiritually.

Today, I realized that all of my energy these past few months has been focused on finding a new opportunity. That Quest required specific actions and energy. Now that I’ve found my next opportunity, I need to direct my energy, my drive and my actions into success in the new role – this new Quest.

One could say it does not matter, and maybe for some it truly doesn’t. However, as I sit here writing this post, I’ve come to the conclusion that it matters to me. I know it’s true for me because I’ve felt out-of-sorts all day, and could not put my finger on it until now. I’ll try to explain; don’t know that I can – it’s a feeling …

I think it has to do with the comedown related to ending the Quest to find a new opportunity. That Quest was my total focus for the past two months. Now that I have a new opportunity, all of the expectations, hopes and dreams that fuelled my actions have been fulfilled to one degree or another. When I achieved my goal, and slayed that dragon, I was left with a void in my life, and a pretty big one, based on how I felt today.

Now, I need to set out on this new Quest, and create a new set of expectations, hopes and dreams for this role. That’s the piece I was missing today. I need to define this new Quest, and determine where the value is for me in it.

As I’ve written previously, it’s not about the money any longer (although I do need to make that, too). I need to know I’m adding value and becoming something bigger than I am today. I need to create a new vision for myself in this role, and a big one. (I’ve learned that I’m not motivated by small goals. I need ’em big, and hairy!)

Even as I write these words, I can feel a surge of energy in my body. And, a heightened awareness of the task ahead. This does connect to my answering The Call a few months ago.

Now, I need to connect the dots, so that the vision I create makes sense and provides a path.

I don’t define myself by the Quest any longer. Good!

I noticed something today.  I don’t identify or define myself by my Quest (i.e. “job”) any longer.  I’m about to start a new opportunity in the next month, and although I’m looking forward to it, I don’t have the usual stress around it.

In the past, and I’ve mentioned this before, I chased opportunity according to what it would pay me.  My whole self-identity was defined by the role and how much money I would make from it.  I find that incredibly refreshing now that there’s a gap between who I am and what I do!  It’s a no-win game when these outer markers define us.

As I’ve said before, I now seek opportunity where I can add value and make a difference.  It’s a much easier way to go through life.  The rewards now flow based on what I give, not on what I get.

That is the mark of a Hero, too.

This new Quest requires changes in my life

On Friday, I mentioned that I’m expecting an offer from a company with whom I’ve interviewed. That’s great news, and I’m very pleased to be in this position. I’ve been thinking about the changes I may want to make in order to be in fighting form for this new Quest.

At the top of the list are health and wellness – proper diet, exercise and more sleep.  Simple things, yet I know they’ll help me slay the dragons I’m going to encounter on my adventures. I’m starting to make improvements in all three of these areas this week.

Next on the list is an assessment of how I can be most effective in my new role. I’m entering a new market, with a new product set and a need to educate myself very quickly. I want to start running from day one. I say effective, as I’m most concerned with leveraging my skills, strengths and abilities for maximum benefit and value to my customers and company. Dan Sullivan, of Strategic Coach talks about developing a “10x mindset”, and I love that concept.

“What kind of thinking & execution would it take to deliver 10x’s results?”

What a great question, and one that I’ll be pondering over the coming weeks and months.

That’s my starting point. I’m sure I’ll be adding to this list over time. Onward.