A calm, peaceful day

Today, I found myself in a very calm and peaceful mental space.  I’m not even sure why, but that’s the state in which I found myself, and it was good.

I wish I could package up the conditions that allowed me to feel this way; I’m just not sure how I got here.  Well, maybe I do have a clue.

Today, this Hero operated in a detached manner all day.  Nothing really got on top of me.  I stayed present, and did my best to enjoy each moment, regardless of the task, or situation.  I was in a pretty non-judgemental state today.  That, I think, was the key.

So, my task for tomorrow is to stay in this place, and perhaps observe myself in this mindset.  If I can continue to act as an observer, then my awareness of this state will provide clues – clues which will hopefully allow me to “be” here even more.

I think I’ve mentioned before that one positive impact of this blogging process is that I’m noticing more and more the pause between having a thought – positive or negative – and being able to decide if I want it to continue – the effect.  That slight pause before the effect of my thoughts takes over has been invaluable to me these past months.  I’ve been able to stop negative thoughts early, in order to keep them from taking over, and anchoring themselves in my mind.

Detachment was today’s valuable lesson.  A good one, too.