Reading (and writing) as a Mythic tool

I sometimes have trouble either getting to sleep, or staying asleep in the wee hours of the night.  And, I find this issue is more prominent when I’m dealing with a stressful time in my life.  One mythic tool I’ve found to help me is reading.  Another is writing.

I’ll read just about anything when in this state, and invariably sleep comes to me.  Sometimes I’ll read for a few minutes and at others it’ll take an hour or more.

I tend to find myself in this sleepless state when I let anxiety rule my thoughts – and dreams – awake or unconscious.  Reading serves to force my mind into other places while I’m engrossed in the book of choice.  The more inspiring the story the better.  Writing this blog also helps, as it forces me to focus on positive, affirming thoughts.

When I get lost in these activities the rest of the world, my troubles, my life tends to fall away, if even for a short time.  What’s left is the best of me, and from there I can build a new narrative.

Changing one’s focus, and story, can put us into a more positive place from which our Quest can continue, once again.  Small steps, but steps none the less.