The importance of being present

Today, while working outside with my dog, Scout, I noticed how she was able to appreciate the peace and quiet of the back harbour.  The two of us have spent the better part of 2 months up north working on the cottage, allowing me to ponder my next career move.

I saw her staring out at the beautiful view, in a peaceful moment, and realized that I had missed doing that most of the summer.  I was so busy “doing” that I forgot to “be” present, slow down, and take in the wonder of the world around me.  Scout had figured it all out, and she was doing it each and every day.

My learning and intention from all of this is to spend a little time each day enjoying the moment, being present, and taking whatever insights I might gain from the experience.

A stunning view of Georgian Bay from the cottage.

A beautiful view of Georgian Bay from the cottage.