My personal myth – cosmos

It occurred to me that in order for me to create a myth for my own life, that my first step should be some commentary about the universe or cosmos within which I live.  How do I perceive my universe?

I envision a universe made of energy – a very fine and subtle energy.  I see a universe with secrets we may never know or understand, but are worthy of seeking to explain.  A universe with some sort of intelligence that exists within it.

I see all of us as an energy stream or consciousness within and part of that intelligence.  We can receive guidance and wisdom from that intelligence.  We can also be shown elements of what our Mission here on Earth could be, if we choose to accept the Call.

That Mission and Call are always there for us to perceive, accept and take on.  I don’t feel the Mission is hardwired within us, but on some level, I think it evolves out of our natural loves.

I strongly feel that when we’re ready to see it – really see it – then our ability to perceive it becomes real.

As Joseph Campbell said:

“Follow your bliss, and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.”

In my own life, I’ve always been afraid to embrace my Call – to be all I can be.  Now I feel ready for it – not sure why, other than it’s my time.  The desire to Be has outweighed the Fear to stay in place.  I’m actually fearful to write the above line, but know that I must, if I’m going to break free of the fears that have ruled too much of my life.

The Universe is calling – I’m ready to answer.

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