We’re always stronger than we think

Today, I had to guide a consultant, by boat, to a place that is known for it’s underwater reefs. And, the trip also involved taking the boat through a tight, shallow, rocky cut called the Devil’s Elbow. Ominous!

As I pondered this trip yesterday, I was concerned about my ability to navigate the waters without hitting rock in either the Elbow, or the bay. But, I knew the trip had to be made.

I decided that I would continually visualize my boat safely moving through the water. It provided me with a level of calm when the time came to do it for real today.

The result? I made it through both the Elbow and bay without a scratch, and that occurred in less than favourable weather conditions.

What did I learn? There’s always more to us – more strength, resolve and ability than we sometimes see. Faith, hope and moving forward – without a safety net – can lead to wonderful insights into our capabilities.

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