As one door closes, another opens …

I’ve mentioned in the past that I’m on a Quest for a new, wonderful opportunity for myself.  I must admit that I’ve been struggling a bit on the “what” of my next career move.

I’m looking for something that will allow me to leverage my creative talents, and my service focus, too.  Abundance is a key component of my next opportunity, as well.  There are more criteria, but these are certainly key.

I believe strongly that abundance is a wonderful value, and I seek it rather than look for ways to make my life smaller.  I can’t live a smaller life, when there’s so much out there.  I’m not talking about gross consumption – just the freedom to live life on my terms – by adding value first, of course.

Today, I received an email from an organization whose mailing list I’ve been on for a couple of years now.  They offer a program that I’d be very interested in taking myself.

For whatever reason, today I read the email from them, and saw an opportunity open before me.  I need to investigate more fully, but I’m thrilled to have something to sink my teeth into as part of this quest.

When one door closes, another opens …

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