It’s frustrating not having a direction in which to focus my Myth

As you know, I’m currently on a Quest for a new career opportunity.  That is a worthy quest, and I know it.  And, there are many elements of this quest that could make for good writing.

My personal challenge and frustration is finding the daily dragon(s) to slay on this quest.  What are the monsters that are ravaging the world, and which need to be removed?  And, how do I relate them to my personal experience from the point of view of my myths?

I get the sense I’m missing something here.  This feeling has dogged me for a while now.  I want to keep this blog and the writing fresh and relevant – for me, and for anyone who’s reading, too.

My intuition is telling me to keep taking the next step, and then the next, on this path.  It’s all I’ve got right now, so I’ll take it.

Tomorrow is another day!

2 thoughts on “It’s frustrating not having a direction in which to focus my Myth

  1. It’s a excellent summary that you have written. There are a number of points however which I believe would do better if you went into a little bit more detail than you have done. simply my opinion, plus I’m not trying to be critical at all. If you do follow this up then I would be interested. Thanks.

    • Thank you for your feedback – always welcome, and helpful. I’ll do my best to add more detail when I have it. This journey is relatively new to me, and I’m learning as I go. Thank you!

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