It’s a spiritual quest

Today, while on a long walk with my dog, I realized that my quest to find the perfect opportunity is really a spiritual quest.  For me, now, it is anyway.

I have a deep and burning desire to bring meaning to my next venture.  I can feel the truth of that need in every fibre of my being.  It is not to be shunned or overlooked.  Not any more!

This feeling I’m describing is something that I just know has to be true for me on this next venture.  No substitutions, no excuses, no accepting less than I can be.

I know that when I see it, I’ll know it to be my right choice – the way to bring me to the Call.

That’s really what happened on the walk today.  I received a complete image of that right choice, with positive feelings that told me the choice would be whole and right.

I’m getting closer to this truth.

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