Another step closer and some insight

Today, I had a face-to-face interview with a manager, and the person I would report to at the company in question, should we decide we want to work together.  It was a useful meeting, as I was able to gain an appreciation for the expectations of the role, and also how it roughly fits into the corporate strategy for growth.  And, I also gained some insight into a unique ability I can claim as my own.

There’s one thing I often think about when pursuing a project, a goal or a Quest.  For those who have been following for a while, you know that I see this search as a quest, as part of the myth of my life.  It’s an opportunity to be all I can be – it’s an intention that I have for my life going forward, as I’ve never had before.

So, what’s the insight?  It’s my innate desire to deliver an “elegant solution” to the challenge at hand.  Sometimes the elegant solution is very subtle, but it defines me as a different person when I’m in these situations.  Not better, just different.  Good different.

My next step with this company is a series of interviews at their head office.

Once I knew these meetings were happening, I immediately started to apply my creativity to determine how I could leave them with a lasting impression.  I want to do more than just go down, and recite what I learned from reading their last annual report.

As I go through this creative process, and the wheels start turning, I find that time stands still, and that I operate in a stream of hope, faith and abundance.  There is no fear, there is no doubt.  This is the “real” me.

I have come to realize that one of my goals going forward is to find opportunities to place myself in this state of flow as often as I can.  It’s where I do my best work, and effortlessly create amazing results in my life.  Pretty cool!

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