The darkness nipped at my heels today

I spent a good part of the day preparing for a 1st interview with a firm here in Toronto.  The interview is tomorrow, and it is with a company I’ve been following for a few years, and respect very much.

As I went through my steps to prepare for the meeting, I could feel the fear and doubt trying to throw me off track – to tell me it would not work out, and that I was not good enough.  What’s interesting is that I knew it was happening, and that it was also not true.

What helped me to realize that there could be an opportunity for me in this firm was the realization that I am unique and have value to bring to this firm.

The doubt and fear never totally went away; I feel them working at me now.  But, I can focus on my Quest and my outcomes for this meeting.  That’s where I find the hope.

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