A conundrum

I think I’m about to be faced with a conundrum on this Quest for a great, new opportunity.

This week, I’ll be in final interviews with one of two firms I’m evaluating. However, I’ve only started the process with the second firm. I may be faced with an offer from one before I’ve had a chance to fully evaluate the other. Both are great companies and they both offer great opportunity.

Believe me, I’m not complaining about this situation. However, I was really hoping to be able to fully evaluate both, before being asked to make a choice for either.

I’d like to think that this is where my intuition has a role to play in selecting the right opportunity.

My strategy will be to go to that still, quiet place and to seek answers there. This decision is about more than a job or money. It’s about fully answering the Call, and being an active participant in that flow.

There’s risk in following the Call, but I have to believe that’s what makes the reward all the sweeter.

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