Tonight I give thanks

Last night, I wrote about the potential for challenge in my life related to having to make a decision before I’m ready.

Tonight, I was at my sister’s for Thanksgiving dinner. It was a fine affair, and I feel blessed that I was able to enjoy the time with my family. I discussed my conundrum, and was heartened by the support I was given to stay the course on this Quest.

Without fail, each and every person I spoke to cautioned me to follow my heart, to listen to the still, small voice and to trust that I’ll make the right decision.

Answering the Call and doing life Quests is by and large a solo affair, and is not without a fair share of doubt and loneliness.

Ultimately, we decide on our own! It has to be that way. The reasons we decide one way or another may involve other people or circumstances. But, the decision is always ours to make.

However, it was gratifying to have the support of my family, and the knowledge that they trust me to make the right decision!

This Quest is a bit less lonely tonight. And, I’ve realized that I, too, can provide support and lift up someone answering their own Call.

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