With truth comes wisdom … but not always as fast as we might have hoped, nor wanted at the time

Today was a difficult day for me, but perhaps not as you would expect, based on what I’ve been writing about lately:  my Quest for a great, new opportunity, and the answer to the Call.

No, today’s truth comes from home, and it has nothing to do with my Quest, nor with the Call.  You see, I’ve been selfish again, and today it was brought to my attention that I’ve been selfish for many years.  And, not for a good reason.

To be sure, being selfish has its place in our lives – when we’re on a deep, meaningful Quest, and one that’s attached to our Call.  Then, we need to protect our time, and our life for the opportunity to be all we can be.

I’ve been selfish at home, and it has been because I’ve been focused on the wrong goal.  I was so focused on chasing my professional life, that I allowed my time at home – i.e. my life – to dwindle away in wasted effort.  Not all wasted, but enough to make a difference at home.

A hard lesson to learn, and one that did not come easily, in spite of the wise messenger who delivered it to me.  But, it was learned, and now I need to make the changes that come with today’s enlightenment.

One of the opportunities I’m chasing provides the support, knowledge, tools and courage to change thereby allowing entrepreneurs to reclaim their lives and their freedom from their businesses.  Their businesses serve them, and not the other way around.

This is the kind of learning they get from the program delivered by this company.  This is the kind of learning I got from home today.  Wisdom can come from many directions, places and people.

Once again, not a large, bold change in my life, nor my direction.  But, a personal and deep learning that I can do a better job at home, while I continue to embark on my noble Quest, and answer the Call.

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