‘Twas the night before …

Well, tonight I’ve been getting ready for a major trip to visit the headquarters of a company I’ve been interviewing with these past few weeks.

On Thursday, I’ll be in five consecutive 1-hour interviews for what I think is a great position with the company.

Today, as I was getting ready, I could feel the fear and doubt rise up, and try to take over my day.  I was able to re-focus on the goal:  a series of great two-way conversations with people who can help me validate the opportunity and it’s fit to my Quest.

I have a sense of the potential for this role, and I think I could fit right into it.  It would be a return to a large company culture; a place where I’ve been very successful in the past.  And, I do believe the opportunity is sound, too.  I could make my mark here.

Tomorrow I travel, and then do my final prep for the meetings on Thursday.  More tomorrow night …

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