And, another step

Today, I had a critical interview with a firm that has a position within my field of expertise – sales.  It went well, and at the end of the call, we both decided that we wanted to move to next steps.  Next week, I’ll do two more telephone interviews and one face-to-face meeting for this opportunity.  They are keen to ensure a good fit, as am I.

The step I took today was to approach the call as a dual interview.  The first half was focused on their questions for me.  The second half was me asking a lot of focused questions about what it’s like to work at this firm.  I was equally interested in culture, and fit, and wanted to ensure I had a good feel for the nature of the relationship I would have, if I joined.

I obviously have to earn a living, but now I’m as interested in knowing I’ll enjoy the experience, and also that there’s alignment with my goals, and passions, too.

That’s a key learning for me, and I think it has been affected by my efforts on this blog.  In fact, tomorrow I’ll write about the personal insights I’ve gained, up to this point, from writing this blog every day for the past 44 days.

This is a process, but I’m already excited to share some small & large learnings.

Another step forward

Today, I took another step forward, and cast a wider net in my search for my next excellent opportunity.

I stepped outside of my comfort zone, and identified a couple firms that are not currently seeking to add to their teams in my area of expertise.  I reached out to them, and suggested a quick chat in order to determine if there were possibilities we could pursue.

My intent is to determine if I can structure a working relationship that goes beyond the usual employer / employee relationship.  I’m seeking something more entrepreneurial, and I’m willing to share risks and rewards equally with them.

So, I took a step forward to the Call today.  Let’s see where it takes me over the coming weeks.