The real world is coming to meet me soon

Here I sit on a Saturday afternoon, whiling away the hours on a beautiful day.  In the next few days, I’ll be heading back to the city with the intention of finding my next career opportunity.

I have no real sense of my direction right now – inklings and ideas – but that’s really it.  It’s not that I’m waiting for some lightning strike or bold tap from the universe.  I feel some unease, some fear and also some hope that things always happen for a reason, and that they will turn out.  And, better than I can now imagine.

I do wish that I had a better sense of where I’m going next.  However, the hope is what carries me each and every day.

My daughter’s Vision Board

Today, my daughter turned 13, and I decided to build her a Vision Board.  You can see the picture below.  It is made out of red cedar boards that are almost 50-years old.

They were used on our boathouse dock until a couple months ago.  They had gotten quite punk, rough and covered with lichen over the years, so they needed to be replaced.

But, when I looked at the boards after removing them, and planed one, I noticed this beautiful wood below.  It seemed a good idea to use these cast-away boards for a higher purpose – for more than just firewood.

As you can see, I lovingly planed, sanded and cleaned up the board.  Then, I used our cottage branding iron to burn the family name into the board.

This Vision Board can be used by Gilly to pin her hopes, dreams and goals to it.  They’ll be a constant reminder to her of what she cherishes most.  And, they’ll be tied to the cottage – a place we all love.

In keeping with my post from yesterday, I was in “flow” when making the board – planing, sanding, drilling the holes for the twine that will secure it to her wall, and then the fun of branding it with the iron.  (Kinda like Burning Man, but in the shop instead!)

I can’t honestly say my calling is to make these vision boards, but I can tell you I love making them for the people I care about most.  It’s an honour for me to know they’re pinning words and images that link to what’s most important to them – what gives them hope – on the boards that I created at the cottage.

They continue on, and so do I somehow, too.

Built on Aug. 22, 2013 - Gillian's 13th birthday.

Built on Aug. 22, 2013 – Gillian’s 13th birthday.

And, so it begins …

What if we could apply myth to our lives?  What if we could find meaning and hope through those myths for our lives – for us?

I’ve always been a bit envious of those who lived in the medieval world – when magic and myth was part of the fabric of one’s life.  (I realize it was not Avalon – life was tough and short.)  Those myths became – I would imagine – anchors that helped those living in that time to place themselves in the world.

I know that I don’t always feel my place in the world – or how I should fit into it.  Those same anchors don’t exist for me – never have.  But, I think they’re important.  And, I think that the lack of them in my life has left me somewhat adrift.

I must admit that during those times, all I had to move me forward was hope that there was more to me than I was showing the world.  Hope that I could anchor myself to something important and special for me.

I have a sense that I can find that anchor via myth.  Perhaps a myth of my own creation – just for me.

That’s what this blog is about, and that’s what I want to pursue.  Let’s see where this goes …