A mini-Quest and a new path

In my last post, I discussed past points of failure in my life.  It was a sobering exercise for me to commit those words to writing, and they have been on my mind all day.

I was working on a task today – one in which I could have taken the easy, fast path to completion.  However, I had the post from yesterday ringing in my mind.  Quality and care were the order of the day.

I took the quality path, and it led to a longer job, but one in which I was much more satisfied with my effort.  And the end result showed that extra quality, as well.

So, a successful mini-Quest and a new, more interesting path going forward.  A small win, but a proud win.

My past points of failure: insight

Writing this daily blog has provided me with insights – some big, some small – some important, some not so much.

It has also forced me to be accountable to the truth of my life: good and bad.

Today, while driving in the car, I was shown, if you will, my past points of failure – two of which I’m not proud – and that I seek to improve on each day.

First, I realized that I have too often sought out shortcuts rather than settling in to do the hard work that excellence demands.

Second, I’ve often lacked hope at a soul level – the hope that comes when we feel that we’re good enough, and do deserve the best.

These two qualities, I now realize, have created much struggle and strife in my life. And, they have to go.

My commitment to you, and myself is that I’ll strive to realize when they appear, and then make the appropriate change.

Sometimes the Quest is simply taking the next step

Today, I was reflecting on my Quest. I learned that I have no broad answers today about the quest. And, to be honest, I don’t have any small insights either.

What I do know is that I have to keep moving forward, to take the next step.

Sometimes that’s all we’ve got to go on in a given day, and sometimes that’s enough.

You can’t let the darkness win

Today, as I worked on sizing up an opportunity, I felt the darkness take hold.

It was the little voice telling me I’m not good enough, not young enough, and not ready.

The interesting thing was that I had an awareness that none of it was true. I’m everything I need to be right now, and I was able to discern that – there was the slight pause or gap which allowed me to insert a more useful message.

That pause has taken years to develop, and I’m grateful that I was able to call on it today.

Tomorrow is a new day. Onward …

Tomorrow my Quest begins

Tomorrow afternoon, I’ll be leaving the cottage – my refuge and sanctuary for the past 6 weeks – to return to the city and my personal Quest.  By Quest, I mean my search for my next career opportunity.

When I started this blog, my intention was to focus on grand, mythical themes.  The reality of my next few days is that they will be anything but grand or mythical.  They’ll actually be pretty tactical and perhaps even a bit bland.

I’ll be updating my LinkedIn profile, and other social media sites.  I’ll search for opportunities via LinkedIn, as well.  Pretty mundane stuff, but important and necessary.

I think the lesson here, for me anyway is that a large, grand, mythical life sometimes looks pretty basic and mundane.  But, the magic is in making the most of these simple moments – be present, give my best and do each task with expectation and gratitude.  I often have to remember to remember to do that – let’s see how it goes.

The Hero’s Quest: A mix of mission and desire.

In the past week, I’ve talked about how I’m keen to understand my mission in life – the thing I was put on this planet to do.  My assumption has always been that it’s a mix of supernatural need implanted within me, but that there’s also an element of desire in the mission.

I know that I want to make a difference, to add value and to make beautiful, elegant products or services.  That comes from my heart, but also from my soul.

Finding one’s mission in life – the hero’s quest.

I love Richard Bolles’ path to mission in life from his book:  “What Color is Your Parachute?”  He describes a 3-step process on page 271 of the 2014 edition:

  1. to seek to stand hour by hour in the conscious presence of God, the One from whom your mission is derived“:  I’m not a religious person, but I do believe in a universal consciousness, so this works for me.  What a wonderful goal – to seek out one’s version of our creator / source, and to connect with that source.
  2. to do what you can, moment by moment, day by day, step by step, to make this world a better place, following the leading and guidance of God’s Spirit within you and around you“:  Since reading this, I’ve made it my intention to remember to act this way as much as I can through the day.  I’m not perfect, believe me, and I fail at this more than I succeed, but the intention is clear, and it helps me to feel better about my Hero’s Quest.
  3. to exercise the Talent that you particularly came to Earth to use–your greatest gift, which you most delight to use …“:  I’m intrigued by the path Bolles lays out here, and which I feel makes sense for me.

Connect to your source, do good deeds, and do what you love to do most to make the world a better place.  Wonderful!