It’s a spiritual quest

Today, while on a long walk with my dog, I realized that my quest to find the perfect opportunity is really a spiritual quest.  For me, now, it is anyway.

I have a deep and burning desire to bring meaning to my next venture.  I can feel the truth of that need in every fibre of my being.  It is not to be shunned or overlooked.  Not any more!

This feeling I’m describing is something that I just know has to be true for me on this next venture.  No substitutions, no excuses, no accepting less than I can be.

I know that when I see it, I’ll know it to be my right choice – the way to bring me to the Call.

That’s really what happened on the walk today.  I received a complete image of that right choice, with positive feelings that told me the choice would be whole and right.

I’m getting closer to this truth.

And, another door opened

Yesterday, I mentioned that I was going to decline to further pursue an opportunity because I knew it was not right for me.  You’ll recall I felt the very real fear that I was giving up on this opportunity too soon, even though my intuition was telling me to let it go.

I realize now that fear came from a lack mentality towards life.  And, it was.  It’s something I’ve struggled with most of my life.

An hour after I wrote yesterday’s post, and mentally turned down the opportunity, a wonderful thing happened.  Another door opened – only one hour later.

Next week, I’m meeting with an organization that I feel – based on what I know today – could be the right opportunity for me.  What’s also interesting is that I’m also engaged in evaluating a second opportunity, for which I had two great meetings today.  There are an abundance of paths and doors just waiting to open, once we announce our intention to move in one direction – or not.

It’s not always easy for me, but the more I do it, the more I’m beginning to trust these leaps of faith, these Quests to find my place in this life.  Another grateful man, on a great day!

We have to know when to say “No”

I had my business meeting today, and it was a fruitful meeting. I learned about the opportunity from someone who’s got feet on the street.

The opportunity is a very good one. There’s no doubt about it. However, the role would require me to be someone I’m not. And, I question whether I’d really enjoy the work day in, and day out.

So, I’m at a bit of a crossroads, once again. Am I strong enough to follow my intuition, and trust that by saying “No” to this opportunity, that’ll I’ll be able to say “Yes” to one that will follow?

In the past, the answer would probably have been that I took the opportunity because it was there. I don’t feel comfortable making those decisions any longer.

But, there’s the fear that something else will not come along, too.

When I go to my still, quiet place inside, my sense is that I should walk away. Leave it for someone who’s better suited to the role.

OK, done. I’m saying “No”, and with gratitude for the chance to evaluate this opportunity.

And, the Quest continues.

An important meeting tomorrow and another Quest

Tomorrow, I have an important meeting – a 3rd interview with a firm I approached about working together.  The first two meetings were conducted over the phone, but this one will be face-to-face.  I’m looking forward to it.

Every interview is a vetting process whereby both parties evaluate the other for fit and probability of success.  My previous two meetings gave me a good feeling about those two criteria.  Tomorrow, I’ll get to ask about what it’s like to work for and with this company, and why I should give my time to them.  After all, for many of us, we sell our time – our life – to the companies for whom we work.  They will have an equal opportunity to make the same judgement call about me.

I’m viewing this as a small Quest.  No dragons to slay.  This is really about making sure I don’t create a dragon today that I’ll have to deal with in the future.

Personal observations gained from writing about, and living, Myth Hope and Life

I have been writing about Myth, Hope and Life for more than 45 consecutive days.  The experience has been humbling to say the least.  I’ve noticed changes in my thinking, my behaviour and I’ve seen life patterns start to emerge.  By no means do I believe that I’ve arrived as an enlightened, fully engaged hero of my own life.  However, signals or nuances are playing out in my life, and I’d like to share them with you now.

There are some things I’ve learned about myself, and others that I’m starting to perceive; the nuances I mentioned above.  Over the past few days, I’ve pulled together a list of changes.  I’ve summarized them here in the hopes that they will continue to help me focus on becoming all I can be, and to also, hopefully, offer some useful info to other heroes seeking to find their way in the world.

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What is true for me?

One of them is that I live in a world of abundance, and that continues to give me hope for me, and for all, on a daily basis.

The wonderful thing about this truth is that it is a truth for me because I believe it to be so.

By believing it to be so, it is a reality for me.  I see this in action each and every day.

What truth do you hold to be true for your life?  How has it shaped your life in a positive way?

I’m blessed with abundance

Today, we hosted a party for family visiting from Belgium. In attendance were my brother & sister and their significant others, as well as our guests.

It was a wonderful night, and made me realize just how blessed I am with so many wonderful people around me.

A quest is only as good as the journey that drives it forward.

As one door closes, another opens …

I’ve mentioned in the past that I’m on a Quest for a new, wonderful opportunity for myself.  I must admit that I’ve been struggling a bit on the “what” of my next career move.

I’m looking for something that will allow me to leverage my creative talents, and my service focus, too.  Abundance is a key component of my next opportunity, as well.  There are more criteria, but these are certainly key.

I believe strongly that abundance is a wonderful value, and I seek it rather than look for ways to make my life smaller.  I can’t live a smaller life, when there’s so much out there.  I’m not talking about gross consumption – just the freedom to live life on my terms – by adding value first, of course.

Today, I received an email from an organization whose mailing list I’ve been on for a couple of years now.  They offer a program that I’d be very interested in taking myself.

For whatever reason, today I read the email from them, and saw an opportunity open before me.  I need to investigate more fully, but I’m thrilled to have something to sink my teeth into as part of this quest.

When one door closes, another opens …

And the universe delivered, once again

Today, late in the afternoon, we were sitting on our back dock when we heard the beautiful and haunting sounds of our neighbour playing his bagpipes.

This chap comes up once every year or so, and when he does, we are given the gift of his free concert.  We cannot see him behind the trees on his land, but the sound wafts across the water to our place a short distance away.

If I’ve learned anything about life – and I know there’s much to learn – it’s that the universe is constantly giving us moments of joy, beauty and wonder.  Tonight’s concert was no exception.

The trick is to know it when it comes, to give thanks, and be grateful for the perfection of the moment.  Thank you.

The real world is coming to meet me soon

Here I sit on a Saturday afternoon, whiling away the hours on a beautiful day.  In the next few days, I’ll be heading back to the city with the intention of finding my next career opportunity.

I have no real sense of my direction right now – inklings and ideas – but that’s really it.  It’s not that I’m waiting for some lightning strike or bold tap from the universe.  I feel some unease, some fear and also some hope that things always happen for a reason, and that they will turn out.  And, better than I can now imagine.

I do wish that I had a better sense of where I’m going next.  However, the hope is what carries me each and every day.