At the Apple store on iPhone 5S day

Today, I acted as chauffeur for a couple who wanted to get the first iPhone 5S at the Apple store.

We arrived at 7 am and found about 150 people in line outside Sherway mall, in Toronto.


I know this blog is about personal myths, but it is also about the power of myth – in our lives, in our past, our future. So, why not also about the myth of a brand? Let’s have a little fun …

Full disclosure: I own an iPhone 5.

Love them, or not, one cannot deny that Apple has created a myth around their brand – based on great design, packaging, the user experience, etc.

That myth is so strong within their tribe, that they will camp out for the newest Apple phone – overnight, if need be.

Commercialism aside, isn’t it cool that this myth has such strong pull with these folks?

How would our lives change, if we could find such a powerful myth for our own lives?

It would pull us along our path – and into an awesome quest!

I’m just sayin’ …

What is true for me?

One of them is that I live in a world of abundance, and that continues to give me hope for me, and for all, on a daily basis.

The wonderful thing about this truth is that it is a truth for me because I believe it to be so.

By believing it to be so, it is a reality for me.  I see this in action each and every day.

What truth do you hold to be true for your life?  How has it shaped your life in a positive way?

Tonight, I saw a live band (Anathema). They are Hero’s in my world.

I just got home from a concert in Toronto.  The headline was a British group called Anathema.  It was an excellent concert by a band who should be much bigger than they are today.

Their songs are so well written, with beautiful lyrics, and amazing musicality – case in point:  A Natural Disaster.  Wonderful!

I so enjoyed watching the band obviously loving what they were doing on stage, for a very appreciative Toronto crowd.  They were in flow, and living at their very best – their most authentic selves.

I consider those who live with passion, and who are true to their higher selves to be real Heroes in this world.  We can be shown the path by those on it now.

The quest is there.  The path is open.

This Hero is not always brave, but he has Hope

I don’t always know what to write about as I contemplate each daily entry in this myth blog. However, the commitment to daily writing is a key commitment I made (to myself) when starting.

It occurred to me that my hero’s journey is not one in which I’m always overly brave. That sometimes makes it difficult to write about myth, hope and abundance for my life.

But, I have this eternal Hope in my life that by moving forward each day – sometimes without full knowledge or a detailed plan – that it’ll work out.

Just as the commitment to daily writing is moving me forward, so is the commitment to daily action.  With Hope.

It’s about looking forward, not back

Today, I had an interview with a technology company based in the USA.

As I prepared for the interview, I could feel my old fears start to grow, and attempt to consume me.

I don’t know why, but I caught myself thinking in this manner, and immediately decided to change my focus to looking forward to the talk with expectation, and as an adventure.  (I’m a hero, after all!)

As soon as I made this mental shift, my fears went away, and I shifted into a mode where I was looking forward to telling my story.  And, to hearing about theirs.

The hero’s quest is hard enough.  Don’t look back – look forward instead.

Taking your own path may not be what others want for you

As I’ve been considering my path or quest of late, I’ve come to realize that my path may not be what others want for me.  Or, the path others think I should be taking.

Each of us has to strive to live as authentic a life as possible, and that may mean our wishes go counter to those around us.

I’m obviously not speaking of being reckless on the path, just doing what my heart tells me is right – for me.

I’ve come to realize that being the hero of my own life, may not make me a hero in someone else’s life.  But, that’s the gig.

I’m blessed with abundance

Today, we hosted a party for family visiting from Belgium. In attendance were my brother & sister and their significant others, as well as our guests.

It was a wonderful night, and made me realize just how blessed I am with so many wonderful people around me.

A quest is only as good as the journey that drives it forward.

Bravery and the Call

As so often happens as I go through my day, and think about that day’s post, a theme occurred to me: I have not been very brave.

I have held off on acknowledging my ideal next opportunity – for fear that if I do, then I’ll have to live up to it. That is part of my Hero’s Call. And, that reluctance has been my Refusal of the Call, as outlined by Joseph Campbell in “The Hero with a Thousand Faces”.

There are any number of good reasons for not taking a step towards that ideal, with financial concerns at the top of the list. Not far behind is fear. Followed by past failures.

But, this blog is about addressing those fears, heeding the call, and living a full life.

My ideal is to start, run and grow a business that allows me the freedom to live my life on my terms.

Issue: What business? What do I love to do that I could build into a business?

I honestly believe that when I answer that question, and take the first step, then forces will conspire to help me realize the dream. It will involve work, time, risk and luck to be sure.

But, it’ll be a brave move for this hero.

Starting – any movement – releases energy

Today, I had a rather large and daunting to-do list. It was so large, that it felt overwhelming.

So, I decided to start the first item on the list – to take the first step towards its’ completion.

That first step immediately released energy, direction and passion for the task at hand. It also gave me focus to be completely present and in the moment.

It stuck with me all day today, and I’m proud of what I accomplished.

It’s amazing what taking the first, small step towards a larger goal can do. I liken it to the call to a quest.

Starting is the key to any call and any quest!