It’s frustrating not having a direction in which to focus my Myth

As you know, I’m currently on a Quest for a new career opportunity.  That is a worthy quest, and I know it.  And, there are many elements of this quest that could make for good writing.

My personal challenge and frustration is finding the daily dragon(s) to slay on this quest.  What are the monsters that are ravaging the world, and which need to be removed?  And, how do I relate them to my personal experience from the point of view of my myths?

I get the sense I’m missing something here.  This feeling has dogged me for a while now.  I want to keep this blog and the writing fresh and relevant – for me, and for anyone who’s reading, too.

My intuition is telling me to keep taking the next step, and then the next, on this path.  It’s all I’ve got right now, so I’ll take it.

Tomorrow is another day!

A mini-Quest and a new path

In my last post, I discussed past points of failure in my life.  It was a sobering exercise for me to commit those words to writing, and they have been on my mind all day.

I was working on a task today – one in which I could have taken the easy, fast path to completion.  However, I had the post from yesterday ringing in my mind.  Quality and care were the order of the day.

I took the quality path, and it led to a longer job, but one in which I was much more satisfied with my effort.  And the end result showed that extra quality, as well.

So, a successful mini-Quest and a new, more interesting path going forward.  A small win, but a proud win.

My past points of failure: insight

Writing this daily blog has provided me with insights – some big, some small – some important, some not so much.

It has also forced me to be accountable to the truth of my life: good and bad.

Today, while driving in the car, I was shown, if you will, my past points of failure – two of which I’m not proud – and that I seek to improve on each day.

First, I realized that I have too often sought out shortcuts rather than settling in to do the hard work that excellence demands.

Second, I’ve often lacked hope at a soul level – the hope that comes when we feel that we’re good enough, and do deserve the best.

These two qualities, I now realize, have created much struggle and strife in my life. And, they have to go.

My commitment to you, and myself is that I’ll strive to realize when they appear, and then make the appropriate change.

The veil slid back a little today

Yesterday, I announced my intention to accept the Quest I know of today – to be all I can be.

An interesting thing happened to me today, while I was driving in the car. I was on a 2-hour trip, and I allowed my mind to relax while I drove.

For a brief moment in time, a sense of knowing occurred to me. I became very much at peace, and aware that I was “enough” on this Quest. It lasted for a brief second or two, but was very powerful. I was in a zone or flow that let me know all was going to be all right.

As someone who’s lived a great deal of his life in fear of being real to the world, I was pleasantly surprised to feel the peace and calm of the moment. I am grateful. Thank you.

The Hero’s Quest: Departure and the hero’s refusal

I mentioned previously that I’m reading Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero with a Thousand Faces”.  He covers  the various stages of the Hero’s Quest.  Stage one is Departure, and one of the elements of this stage is the hero’s refusal of the call.

I’ve often felt that part of my call – the call for many of us, I suspect – is to be all that I can be.  I can’t help but think that I’ve spent a good deal of my life refusing this call.  And, it has affected the nature of my adventure.  I’ve lived a “smaller” life as a result.

Sometimes, I wonder if I still have what it takes to answer the call.  Those thoughts come when I’m feeling low and vulnerable.  I do feel ready, but still feel less courageous and sure, as I hoped I’d be.

I can only imagine that sometimes that’s all I’ll have to go on.  What matters is saying: “Yes!” and figuring out the rest on the Quest.

Ok, then:  “YES!”

As one door closes, another opens …

I’ve mentioned in the past that I’m on a Quest for a new, wonderful opportunity for myself.  I must admit that I’ve been struggling a bit on the “what” of my next career move.

I’m looking for something that will allow me to leverage my creative talents, and my service focus, too.  Abundance is a key component of my next opportunity, as well.  There are more criteria, but these are certainly key.

I believe strongly that abundance is a wonderful value, and I seek it rather than look for ways to make my life smaller.  I can’t live a smaller life, when there’s so much out there.  I’m not talking about gross consumption – just the freedom to live life on my terms – by adding value first, of course.

Today, I received an email from an organization whose mailing list I’ve been on for a couple of years now.  They offer a program that I’d be very interested in taking myself.

For whatever reason, today I read the email from them, and saw an opportunity open before me.  I need to investigate more fully, but I’m thrilled to have something to sink my teeth into as part of this quest.

When one door closes, another opens …

We’re always stronger than we think

Today, I had to guide a consultant, by boat, to a place that is known for it’s underwater reefs. And, the trip also involved taking the boat through a tight, shallow, rocky cut called the Devil’s Elbow. Ominous!

As I pondered this trip yesterday, I was concerned about my ability to navigate the waters without hitting rock in either the Elbow, or the bay. But, I knew the trip had to be made.

I decided that I would continually visualize my boat safely moving through the water. It provided me with a level of calm when the time came to do it for real today.

The result? I made it through both the Elbow and bay without a scratch, and that occurred in less than favourable weather conditions.

What did I learn? There’s always more to us – more strength, resolve and ability than we sometimes see. Faith, hope and moving forward – without a safety net – can lead to wonderful insights into our capabilities.

Myth and the hero’s journey

I decided it’s time I learned more formally about myth, and have begun to read Joseph Campbell’s book – written in 1949 – called:  The Hero with a Thousand Faces.

I first learned of Campbell via the PBS series he did with Bill Moyers in the ’80’s called:  The Power of Myth.  I was fascinated with the series, and with Campbell in particular.  HIs knowledge of world myth, and ability to expound on them was magic to me.  The fact that he saw value in George Lucas’ Star Wars movies as modern myth just made it all the better!

I’m hoping – expecting – to find insight that may apply to my own journey.  More on that later …

Sometimes the Quest is simply taking the next step

Today, I was reflecting on my Quest. I learned that I have no broad answers today about the quest. And, to be honest, I don’t have any small insights either.

What I do know is that I have to keep moving forward, to take the next step.

Sometimes that’s all we’ve got to go on in a given day, and sometimes that’s enough.

My personal myth – the Powers

Yesterday, I presented some ideas about the cosmos of my own personal myth.  Today, I’d like to talk about the Powers within my cosmos.  Some might call them gods, but I don’t have a frame of reference for gods.

Having said that, I spent the first 16 years of my life as a Catholic, and I dutifully attended church each Sunday.  However, once I had an opportunity to choose to attend, or not, I faded away from the Church.  I’ve got nothing per se against the institution; it just does not work for me.

My myth has Powers – not necessarily beings – but energy and intelligence.  I think it’s possible to have positive and negative energy, and hence positive and negative Powers.  Sorry, but that’s all I’ve got.  Gods and Powers are an enigma to me – I’m not completely sure how they fit into my world, nor into my life.  I just feel there’s “something out there”.  Something we may never know or understand.  That’s OK, too.