With truth comes wisdom … but not always as fast as we might have hoped, nor wanted at the time

Today was a difficult day for me, but perhaps not as you would expect, based on what I’ve been writing about lately:  my Quest for a great, new opportunity, and the answer to the Call.

No, today’s truth comes from home, and it has nothing to do with my Quest, nor with the Call.  You see, I’ve been selfish again, and today it was brought to my attention that I’ve been selfish for many years.  And, not for a good reason.

To be sure, being selfish has its place in our lives – when we’re on a deep, meaningful Quest, and one that’s attached to our Call.  Then, we need to protect our time, and our life for the opportunity to be all we can be.

I’ve been selfish at home, and it has been because I’ve been focused on the wrong goal.  I was so focused on chasing my professional life, that I allowed my time at home – i.e. my life – to dwindle away in wasted effort.  Not all wasted, but enough to make a difference at home.

A hard lesson to learn, and one that did not come easily, in spite of the wise messenger who delivered it to me.  But, it was learned, and now I need to make the changes that come with today’s enlightenment.

One of the opportunities I’m chasing provides the support, knowledge, tools and courage to change thereby allowing entrepreneurs to reclaim their lives and their freedom from their businesses.  Their businesses serve them, and not the other way around.

This is the kind of learning they get from the program delivered by this company.  This is the kind of learning I got from home today.  Wisdom can come from many directions, places and people.

Once again, not a large, bold change in my life, nor my direction.  But, a personal and deep learning that I can do a better job at home, while I continue to embark on my noble Quest, and answer the Call.

Another small step forward

Today, I moved forward a bit more on my opportunity search.  I did an informational interview with a client of the firm with whom I’m meeting next week.

Although this may sound mundane, it is important for me. I’m moving in the right direction, and gaining momentum. That counts, and it matters. That’s where the hope comes from for me.

Small steps on an epic quest are also the stuff of life.

Personal observations gained from writing about, and living, Myth Hope and Life

I have been writing about Myth, Hope and Life for more than 45 consecutive days.  The experience has been humbling to say the least.  I’ve noticed changes in my thinking, my behaviour and I’ve seen life patterns start to emerge.  By no means do I believe that I’ve arrived as an enlightened, fully engaged hero of my own life.  However, signals or nuances are playing out in my life, and I’d like to share them with you now.

There are some things I’ve learned about myself, and others that I’m starting to perceive; the nuances I mentioned above.  Over the past few days, I’ve pulled together a list of changes.  I’ve summarized them here in the hopes that they will continue to help me focus on becoming all I can be, and to also, hopefully, offer some useful info to other heroes seeking to find their way in the world.

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A mini-quest and a chance to re-connect

I know I was going to write about what I’ve learned thus far from writing about Myth, Hope and Life.  However, I want to first write about a spontaneous chance to go on a mini-quest and to re-connect with my daughter.

My wife was out tonight, and that left my daughter and I as free agents.  Once our daughter returned home from a hang-out with friends, the adventure began.  Well, an adventure for us, even if it does not look like a grand adventure here!

At 10 pm, we set out in search of ice cream, and eventually found a shop that was open and could help.  Along the way, we played a mobile app called Akinator, which asks you to select a person – famous or not – and it asks a series of questions in an attempt to guess their name or connection to you, if personal.

Then, we went home and watched episodes of Modern Family till mid-night, and had a ball.

As you can imagine, when you have a teenager, they have very little time for their parents.  At that age, it’s all about friends, school, and for us, drama!

But, tonight, we hung out, and laughed, and talked.  The best night ever!  A return to an old Friday-night ritual that we had lost for a couple years.

Sometimes the quest before us seems like just another day.  However, those mini-quests can make all the difference, for the moments they deliver.  I’m a grateful man tonight.

And, another step

Today, I had a critical interview with a firm that has a position within my field of expertise – sales.  It went well, and at the end of the call, we both decided that we wanted to move to next steps.  Next week, I’ll do two more telephone interviews and one face-to-face meeting for this opportunity.  They are keen to ensure a good fit, as am I.

The step I took today was to approach the call as a dual interview.  The first half was focused on their questions for me.  The second half was me asking a lot of focused questions about what it’s like to work at this firm.  I was equally interested in culture, and fit, and wanted to ensure I had a good feel for the nature of the relationship I would have, if I joined.

I obviously have to earn a living, but now I’m as interested in knowing I’ll enjoy the experience, and also that there’s alignment with my goals, and passions, too.

That’s a key learning for me, and I think it has been affected by my efforts on this blog.  In fact, tomorrow I’ll write about the personal insights I’ve gained, up to this point, from writing this blog every day for the past 44 days.

This is a process, but I’m already excited to share some small & large learnings.

Standing at the crossroads

I’m standing at the crossroads these days – today – now.  The quest is calling to me, and I’ve verbally said: “Yes”.  But, I don’t know where to go with it.

I feel the need – a deep desire even – to find an opportunity, that to use terminology from my sister, keeps me away from “the dark side”.  The dark side is what I know.  It is comfortable.  I will not say it’s easy.  It gave me heart disease, and two stents.

But, it’s what I know.  However, I also know it’s not where my passion lies.

The dark side allows me to solve a financial problem I have today.  And, I may have to take that path for a few years, until I figure out – somehow – where my light side is located.

Writing this feels like a total cop out, and it is, I know.

I have to find the strength to keep moving along the path to the light side.  It’s time for this hero to be brave.  The dragon is breathing down on me.  I can feel its fire on my body.

The decision is to be my own hero, or become a serf in someone else’s story.

I want to say that I’ve decided to be a hero, but I’m at the crossroads, and feel a strong pull to turn and run away.  The dragon is winning … tonight, it’s winning.

What is true for me?

One of them is that I live in a world of abundance, and that continues to give me hope for me, and for all, on a daily basis.

The wonderful thing about this truth is that it is a truth for me because I believe it to be so.

By believing it to be so, it is a reality for me.  I see this in action each and every day.

What truth do you hold to be true for your life?  How has it shaped your life in a positive way?

Tonight, I saw a live band (Anathema). They are Hero’s in my world.

I just got home from a concert in Toronto.  The headline was a British group called Anathema.  It was an excellent concert by a band who should be much bigger than they are today.

Their songs are so well written, with beautiful lyrics, and amazing musicality – case in point:  A Natural Disaster.  Wonderful!

I so enjoyed watching the band obviously loving what they were doing on stage, for a very appreciative Toronto crowd.  They were in flow, and living at their very best – their most authentic selves.

I consider those who live with passion, and who are true to their higher selves to be real Heroes in this world.  We can be shown the path by those on it now.

The quest is there.  The path is open.

It’s about looking forward, not back

Today, I had an interview with a technology company based in the USA.

As I prepared for the interview, I could feel my old fears start to grow, and attempt to consume me.

I don’t know why, but I caught myself thinking in this manner, and immediately decided to change my focus to looking forward to the talk with expectation, and as an adventure.  (I’m a hero, after all!)

As soon as I made this mental shift, my fears went away, and I shifted into a mode where I was looking forward to telling my story.  And, to hearing about theirs.

The hero’s quest is hard enough.  Don’t look back – look forward instead.

Taking your own path may not be what others want for you

As I’ve been considering my path or quest of late, I’ve come to realize that my path may not be what others want for me.  Or, the path others think I should be taking.

Each of us has to strive to live as authentic a life as possible, and that may mean our wishes go counter to those around us.

I’m obviously not speaking of being reckless on the path, just doing what my heart tells me is right – for me.

I’ve come to realize that being the hero of my own life, may not make me a hero in someone else’s life.  But, that’s the gig.