A bit of nostalgia today

As I mentally prepared myself for the week ahead, I found myself thinking back to prior times, and past decisions I’ve made in my life.

There was no real regret, nor doubt, but a bit of thought around what I might have done differently.

I would have been braver, and acted more the Hero.  Two little words, but they have power to make all the difference in our lives.

So, as I continue on this search for a great opportunity I’ll keep that in mind:  Be brave, take a risk.

And, opportunity expands. Or was it me?

Today, I was fortunate to meet – to interview and be interviewed by – six leaders at an industry-leading company with a great mission.

Everyone I met was a smart, savvy, engaged professional. They all saw golden opportunity for me at the company.

This Quest has been very important to me. In it, I’ve evaluated every opportunity as a chance to further my efforts to answer the Call. The Call to be all that I can be, to take risks and make a difference in my life, and hopefully the world.

My concern going into these meetings was that I’d be a cog in a wheel at this company. Not a great way to answer the Call!

However, after 11 – yes 11 – meetings, I now see an opportunity to add value. I can’t quantify where that will happen yet. I don’t know the industry, company or customers well enough. But, I perceive an environment in which I can bring my best to the table, and make a difference.

No offers on the table yet, and I’ve got some thinking to do to compare this opportunity to the other one I have in play.

But, by going in and asking lots of good questions, I see a possible home here for me. You can’t imagine how that feels – amazing really.

An end to a wonderful, blessed day. Once again, I am a very grateful man.

‘Twas still the night before

Today, I’m travelling to my meetings at HQ for the opportunity interviews, or business meetings, as I prefer to call them. All part of this grand Quest, and my desire to live the Call.

I had a lot of idle time today – waiting at Customs, waiting for flights, and sitting on the plane.

I spent a fair bit of time observing the mental chatter that went through my mind.

There were periods of joy and expectation, as well as the usual fear and doubt.

I find it interesting that I now seem to have developed the ability to “see” these thoughts play out in my mind.

And, I can more or less bring them in and face them, consider them, and determine if they serve me.

Banishing those that do not serve is still a work in progress. But, I’m at least grateful that I tend to detect them before they run on too long.

A bit every day …

‘Twas the night before …

Well, tonight I’ve been getting ready for a major trip to visit the headquarters of a company I’ve been interviewing with these past few weeks.

On Thursday, I’ll be in five consecutive 1-hour interviews for what I think is a great position with the company.

Today, as I was getting ready, I could feel the fear and doubt rise up, and try to take over my day.  I was able to re-focus on the goal:  a series of great two-way conversations with people who can help me validate the opportunity and it’s fit to my Quest.

I have a sense of the potential for this role, and I think I could fit right into it.  It would be a return to a large company culture; a place where I’ve been very successful in the past.  And, I do believe the opportunity is sound, too.  I could make my mark here.

Tomorrow I travel, and then do my final prep for the meetings on Thursday.  More tomorrow night …

Tonight I give thanks

Last night, I wrote about the potential for challenge in my life related to having to make a decision before I’m ready.

Tonight, I was at my sister’s for Thanksgiving dinner. It was a fine affair, and I feel blessed that I was able to enjoy the time with my family. I discussed my conundrum, and was heartened by the support I was given to stay the course on this Quest.

Without fail, each and every person I spoke to cautioned me to follow my heart, to listen to the still, small voice and to trust that I’ll make the right decision.

Answering the Call and doing life Quests is by and large a solo affair, and is not without a fair share of doubt and loneliness.

Ultimately, we decide on our own! It has to be that way. The reasons we decide one way or another may involve other people or circumstances. But, the decision is always ours to make.

However, it was gratifying to have the support of my family, and the knowledge that they trust me to make the right decision!

This Quest is a bit less lonely tonight. And, I’ve realized that I, too, can provide support and lift up someone answering their own Call.

A big decision is looming

Today, I had a first meeting with a company here in Toronto.  They are an excellent firm, and have a great mission, which is to help entrepreneurs find freedom in their businesses.

I was very impressed with the company, and how it operates.  By no means is it a guarantee that I’ll be working with this company, but I’m intrigued to the point of wanting to learn more.

What’s interesting is that the Quest this opportunity represents is a major challenge, and would require some big goal-setting, and thinking on my part, and excellent execution, too.  The rewards would be there, too, if I pulled it off.

The interesting part for me is that I am not feeling daunted by this challenge.  No, in fact, I find it liberating and wonderful to have the possibility of a big goal to work towards.  It gets my creativity going, and I’m enjoying this rush.

The decision I refer to relates to the fact I am pursuing two opportunities at this time.  Both are excellent, and represent fine opportunity for me.

The trick will be to apply intuition to making the decision, as well as seek out the hard facts for each opportunity.

The darkness nipped at my heels today

I spent a good part of the day preparing for a 1st interview with a firm here in Toronto.  The interview is tomorrow, and it is with a company I’ve been following for a few years, and respect very much.

As I went through my steps to prepare for the meeting, I could feel the fear and doubt trying to throw me off track – to tell me it would not work out, and that I was not good enough.  What’s interesting is that I knew it was happening, and that it was also not true.

What helped me to realize that there could be an opportunity for me in this firm was the realization that I am unique and have value to bring to this firm.

The doubt and fear never totally went away; I feel them working at me now.  But, I can focus on my Quest and my outcomes for this meeting.  That’s where I find the hope.